Park Parish Church of Scotland Car Park, Dalry Road 2                                                                                  12 July 2016

The car park was constructed in May and June 2016.

On 9 January 1857, in the shop of Arthur Guthrie in Princes Street, fifteen men attended a meeting with a view to forming a Church in Ardrossan. On 8 March 1857, the first service was held in a building in Glasgow Street that later became the Church of the Nazarene. This original Park Church first opened for public worship on 27 December 1857. In 1900, the congregation agreed to union with the Free Church and the Church became Park United Free Church of Scotland. In 1920, the congregation assented to union with the Church of Scotland and became Park Church of Scotland. Park Parish Church is named after James Park (1808 to 15 February 1850), schoolmaster of the Parochial School of Ardrossan from 1837 to 1850. The foundation stone of this building was laid on 14 June 1958 and the Church was formally opened on 26 September 1959. Click here to read a report on the opening.