The opening paragraphs are:

"My sister Mary's hair was red but
her face was white with ferntickles
all over it.  She knelt down on the
carpet in front of the fire, bowed
her head and let her long hair trail
on the floor.  Toby the cat got up
on his hind legs and pawed at it.

She took me down the Bath Rocks
on my go-chair with Lizzie Boyle and
Margit Morgan and Annie.  We went
along, bumping over the big stones
on the Inches Road, past the
billboards and round by Mick Kelly
the bookie's hut.  Trains puffed past
on their way to the harbour.  The
Arran Boat Train was an express and
we all waved to the faces going
past.  They were going on their
holidays to Arran.  But not the
Belfast Boat Train that didn't come
past till night time.".

Down The Bath Rocks is the title of a book by Patrick O'Connor about life in Ardrossan
in the 1920s.  Its International Standard Book Number is 0-330-29877-1.