Harbour Inn, Harbour Street 13                                                                                                              20 February 2010

Workers arrived on site around 5 am on 20 February 2010 to start the demolition of the right third of the Harbour Inn around 6 am, finishing around 4 pm. Work resumed on 22 February and finished the next day. It was intended that the demolished part would be rebuilt and the whole building would be reroofed before refurbishment as commercial premises under the auspices of the Irvine Bay Regeneration Company. That plan changed and preparation for the final demolition started on 18 January 2011. By 3 February 2011, the site was cleared.

The Harbour Inn was known as Nicol's Bar in the 1970s and 1980s, became the Boardwalk around 1990 and the Harbour Inn around 1995. If you know more accurate dates, please contact WebsiteAuthor@ArdrossanPhotographs.net.