Holm Plantation 10                                                                                               30 March 2007

Holm Plantation was previously known as Holm Wood but is referred to most commonly as 'The Plantation'. Holm means low flat land near a river or burn and a plantation is a group of cultivated trees or plants. In 1805, Holm Wood was gifted by the Earls of Eglinton to the residents of Ardrossan and Saltcoats as a place of relaxation and enjoyment. Prior to that, it was a dark forest. In November 2002, a group called Friends of the Plantation was founded with the mission of 'restoring and maintaining this area of natural beauty for the benefit and enjoyment of the entire community and visitors to North Ayrshire'. In mid 2004, Friends of the Plantation secured £10000 from Landfill Tax Credits to fund regeneration of the Plantation. Other involved parties include North Ayrshire Council, Strathclyde Police and the Scottish Executive. Improvements included drainage, landscaping, lighting, closed circuit television and signs. In October 2005, construction work started on three pods each fifteen metres in diameter. These have been planted with shrubs and bushes to form a past garden, a present garden and a future garden. In February 2011, railings around the Plantation were replaced. Between 1 and 5 March 2011, weeds and other debris were removed and the burn was widened in places. This project, supported by North Ayrshire Council and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, will help prevent future flooding.