Kirkhall Sundial
6                                                                                                                                13 November 2014

The grounds of the Civic Centre is at least the third location of the Kirkhall Sundial. It was in the Sunken Gardens from about the 1950s till 1993. The sundial was created by Robert Weir, Laird of Kirkhall (1757-1838) between 1786 and 1795 and was originally sited on the Kirkhall Estate near Kirkhall Burial Ground. The inscriptions on the sides are:
North Side - Use all freedom with your eye but let not the hand come nigh
East Side - Tender is stone and brass if set in line, if twist crack or brack, lost is all design
South Side - My beauty the sun only can display, if but hurt me away go they
West Side - Connoisseur, let charity be kept in view, be informed, my architect only bred to plow