Masonic Hall
, Harbour Street 2 from Princes Street                                                                                2 September 2007

The Masonic Hall was built in 1858 as the then Town Hall. The Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald of 30 October 1896, in an article on the Burgh's fiftieth anniversary, referred to the opening of the then Town Hall, stating that 'On 30 October 1858, the foundation stone was laid with Masonic honours by George Johnstone esquire of Redburn, Mr D C Love, G A, Ardrossan placing the coins of the realm and the usual documents in the cavity which was afterwards covered with a brass plate bearing the following inscription 'This stone was laid on 30 October 1858 by the Mother Lodge of Free Masons, Kilwinning. George Johnstone P G M, Hugh Conn D G M, Robert Boyd S G M, Charles Breckenridge S P W, James Hendrie Past P W''. The Masonic Lodge was founded in Ardrossan on 12 September 1854. In February 1923, the Lodge purchased the Castlecraigs in Ardrossan for £2900. At that time, much of the grounds were covered in grass and the caretaker tethered a goat to keep the long grass down in the corners of the lawn where the mowing machine could not reach. In October 1940, the War Office informed the Lodge that the building was to be commandeered by the Royal Navy so alternative premises were needed. Meetings were then held at the Saltcoats Lodge premises. On 22 October 1945, the Lodge agreed to dispose of the Castlecraigs and its grounds and move to the old Town Hall. On 21 August 1946, the local Lodge, Saint John Royal Arch Number 320 bought the building at a public auction from Ardrossan Town Council for £3150. On 8 November 1946, the new premises were inaugurated. In early 1983, the mechanical clock was damaged in a storm. It was upgraded to electronic control in November 1983. The exterior of the Hall was cleaned in 1997 and 1998.

It took part in the Doors Open Day on 2 September 2007.