Shell Bridge Milestone, North Crescent Road 1                                                 29 April 2005

The inscription on the facing side of the Shell Bridge Milestone is Irvine 8, Kilwinning 5, Saltcoats 2, Ardrossan 1/2.  The inscription on the other side is Largs 11, Greenock 25. The milestone was removed on 29 February 2008 during the demolition of the bridge and realignment of North Crescent Road. It will be reinstated before the work is completed.
The only other milestone in Ardrossan is the Lauriston Milestone. If you have useful information about the milestones, please contact

The Shell Bridge is so called because it is near the site of the former Shell Oil Refinery which existed from 1927 to 1988.  
From the late 1980s to the early 2000s, the site was occupied by Saztec, a computer data processing firm.  If you know more accurate dates, please contact