When this site was launched on 28 August 2002, computers were less powerful, monitors smaller and Internet access slower than today. A design decision was made to keep the file size the photographs small for faster download. Advances in computing and telecommunications allow future photographs to be a little bigger in frame size and file size. The process of upgrading all photographs started on 15 October 2006. On 22 March 2009, it was decided to make a further upgrade to sizes even though the previous upgrade was not completed.

Where practicable and copyright permitting, there are 'now and then' pages in which a recent photo is displayed with one taken from the same spot years previously. The Now and Then photographs are:
Arran Place 3A  Arran Place 3B  Arran Place 3AB
Civic Centre 5A  Civic Centre 5B  Civic Centre 5AB
Glasgow Street 9A  Glasgow Street 9B  Glasgow Street 9AB
Glasgow Street 14A  Glasgow Street 14B  Glasgow Street 14AB
North Shore 8A  North Shore 8B  North Shore 8AB
Princes Street 6A  Princes Street 6B  Princes Street 6AB
South Beach 26A  South Beach 26B  South Beach 26AB
South Crescent Road 12A  South Crescent Road 12AB  South Crescent Road 12AB
South Crescent Road 13A  South Crescent Road 13AB  South Crescent Road 13AB