The 168 streets of Ardrossan are:

Afton Place, Ailsa Gardens, Aitken Place, Alloway Place, Anderson Terrace, Ardneil Court, Armour Place, Arran Lane, Arran Place, Ashgrove Road, Barony Court, Barr Street, Barrie Terrace, Bath Square, Bath Villas, Beggs Terrace, Bevan Court, Birch Terrace, Bluebell Gardens, Boydston Road, Bridgepark, Broadway, Burn Road, Burnfoot Lane, Burns Square, Burns Terrace, Busbie Lane, Bute Place, Caledonia Court, Caledonia Crescent, Caledonia Road, Carrick Place, Castle Road, Centenary Place, Central Avenue, Central Quadrant, Chapelhill Mount, Church Place, Churchill Drive, Clyde Place, Clyde Terrace, Coalhill Place, Craigspark, Crathie Drive, Crinan Place, Cumbrae Terrace, Cunninghame Road, Currie Court, Dairymead Place, Dalry Lane, Dalry Road, Dasher Gardens, Dawnlight Circle, Dock Road, Dockers Gardens, Eglinton Road, Eglinton Square, Elm Park, Firthview Terrace, Fullerton Square, Garthland Drive, Glasgow Lane, Glasgow Street, Greenacres, Harbour Place, Harbour Road, Harbour Street, Harvey Gardens, Harvey Street, Haupland Road, Hazel Avenue, Hill Lane, Hill Place, Hill Street, Horse Island View, Hunter Avenue, Inches Road, Island View, Keir Hardie Drive, Kilmahew Court, Kilmahew Street, Kilmeny Terrace, Kirkhall Gardens, Knockrivoch Gardens, Knockrivoch Place, Knockrivoch Wynd, Laird Weir, Lawson Drive, Linn Road, Linnburn Terrace, Loanhead Road, Longcraigs Avenue, Mariners Way, McDowall Avenue, McDowall Place, McKellar Avenue, McMillan Drive, Miller Place, Millglen Place, Millglen Road, Montfode Court, Montfode Drive, Montgomerie Pier Road, Montgomerie Street, Moonlight Place, Mossgeil Road, Munnoch Crescent, Nithsdale Road, North Crescent Avenue, North Crescent Road, North Shore Road, Nursery Place, Oak Road, Paisley Street, Park Lane, Park Road, Park View, Park View Drive, Parkhouse Gardens, Parkhouse Road, Pavilion Place, Princes Place, Princes Street, Queen's Drive,
Raylight Place, Rashley Square, Red Gables Square, Rowanside Terrace, Saint Andrew's Road, Saint John's Place, Saint Margaret's Road, Saint Ninian's Drive, School Place, Seafield Court, Seafield Drive, Seton Lane, Seton Street, Shellbridge Way, Sorbie Road, South Beach Road, South Beach Way, South Crescent Road, South Isle Road, Stanley Avenue, Stanley Court, Stanley Drive, Stanley Road, Stormlight Road, Strathclyde Avenue, Sweeney Court, Sweeney Street, three streets with no name, Three Towns Bypass, Verona Place, Weir Road, West Kilbride High Road, Whitecraig Road, Whitlees Court, Whitlees Crescent, Winton Buildings, Winton Court, Winton Lane, Winton Place, Winton Street, Witches Linn, Woodland Place and Young Street.

In this website, a street is defined as a road on a map or a road with vehicular access or a road with a formal postal address.

By this definition, some sets of buildings are streets while others are in streets.  For example, George Aitken Court is
a street because its postal address is George Aitken Court, Ardrossan.  Montgomerie Court is not a street because it is a
set of buildings in a street.  Its postal address is Montgomerie Court, 21 Arran Lane, Ardrossan.

Herald Street was included in the above list until 23 March 2007 when it 'disappeared' with the demolition of the Herald Office.