MacFadzean's Monument, Castle Hill
1           15 August 2002

MacFadzean's Monument commmorates Dr Alexander MacFadzean (1788-1849) a respected local physician and philanthropist.

The story below, which gives more information on Dr MacFadzean was published in the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald of 18 January 2017.

MONUMENT TO GET RESTORED by Paul Fisher, reporter

A monument which towers above Ardrossan will be restored by North Ayrshire Council over the next few months. MacFadzean's Monument, situated on the town's Castle Hill, is easily seen from many points throughout the area and this will continue thanks to the restoration work. Named after Dr Alexander MacFadzean, the monument commemorates his work as the originator of proposing to form Ardrossan into a burgh. He was also instrumental in pressing for the supply of piped water to the town, a scheme which was completed after his death in 1860. He is also credited with helping to build a police station and promoting schemes to provide street lighting as well as water and gas to every house. The obelisk on Castle Hill was erected shortly after his death and is now listed as a Grade B monument.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: "We are in the early stages of a restoration programme to conserve and repair MacFadzean's Monument, on Castle Hill, Ardrossan, which is now almost 170 years old. It is hoped that this work will ensure the long-term security of an important monument which remembers the work of one of Ardrossan's favourite sons, Dr Alexander MacFadzean. The conservation work will include rebuilding the existing dilapidated masonry work and replacing some of the masonry with matching stone. The base of the obelisk and paving will also be restored. The scaffold has been erected to allow the conservation architect and contractor to safely assess the monument ahead of the restoration work which is expected to be carried out in the coming months".

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